The Housing Hub (THH), a South African business partner, designs and builds social housing complexes in South Africa. The South African Government has made the provision of affordable housing for the almost 11 million South Africans living in townships a priority in its policy. Construction projects of this kind are subsidized by the state if they meet strict conditions and requirements. THH is the first non-public real estate developer to have received state funding for a social housing project.

Akasia Place in Pretoria is THH's first state-subsidized social housing project. The construction phase lasted from 2017 to early 2018, and since summer 2018 all 400 apartments have been rented.

THH is currently building its second state-subsidized social housing settlement (Randfontein, 1,080 housing units) and expects to complete it in Q1 of 2021. THH also currently has applications for two other projects (1,498 apartments and 360 apartments) pending with the Social Housing Regularity Authority, the state authority that allocates subsidies for social housing.