The Housing Hub

The Housing Hub - a South African Real Estate Developer focused on the design and construction of social housing. 

Vuwa Investments

Vuwa Investments - a South African investment holding company that invests in the healthcare, industrial, resource, energy and real estate sectors, among others. Vuwa aims to contribute to the transformation of the South African economy through high performance, strategically sound investments. 

svs Capital Partners

svs Capital Partners - a German consulting boutique, which advises SMEs and ambitious start-ups on capital raising and M&A projects and regularly presents attractive impact investment options to both institutional and private investors.

GLS Bank

GLS Bank is the first bank in Germany, which specializes exclusively in projects and financings benefitting society and the environment ("social-ecological bank"). Moreover, GLS Bank is the first German bank to operate a Crowdfunding platform, in order to offer to its customers innovative and social-ecological investment opportunities..


meeco - develops and installs on a global scale reliable and affordable solutions for clean energies, especially photovoltaics, to reduce carbon emissions and to spur economic growth. meeco is particularly active in Africa. 

von Creytz Consulting Partners

von Creytz Consulting Partners - a consultancy specializing in financial and human resources management.